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I'm Rocky Kornak

Product Manager

My Story

Rockelle boasts more than (9+) years of extensive experience in facilities/construction, with a particular focus on Project Management and Product Knowledge. Throughout the last (4) years, she has been an asset to Evo, holding various roles in different departments, which has honed her adaptability and versatility within the organization.

Rockelle's contributions to Evo extend beyond her primary responsibilities. She plays a vital role in enhancing the knowledge base of the entire company by providing regular hardware and product knowledge updates. Moreover, she manages a team of trade specialists who support the Service Team in thoroughly evaluating vendor proposals and addressing client requirements.

Driven by an unwavering thirst for knowledge, Rockelle consistently seeks to expand her expertise in product knowledge, client needs and is actively pursuing a Business Management Certification. Her dedication to continuous education and professional development underscores her commitment to excellence in her field.

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