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I'm Brannon Stewart

Director of Operations

My Story

With over 17 years of dedicated experience, Brannon has emerged as a seasoned professional, leading the charge in the retail and restaurant industry trenches, particularly within facility maintenance. By instilling a coaching and mentoring ethos at EVO, he has made a profound impact, and assisting the company to become a nationally dynamic service and distribution powerhouse with an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction.

Embodying traits of integrity, accountability, and an insatiable drive for self-improvement, Brannon has ascended to various pivotal roles in the FM domain. He has been instrumental in spearheading departmental expansions, implementing robust policies and procedures, and fostering a culture of development and growth within different organizations.

Brannon's journey has been adorned with numerous achievements, including earning his CRFP (Certified Retail Facility Professional) designation and multiple business management certifications. His unyielding pursuit of knowledge through continuous self-improvement has equipped him to lead his team with unwavering direction and unbridled enthusiasm, constantly propelling Evo towards greater heights of success and expanding the collective knowledge base. With Brannon at the helm, Evo is an ever-evolving force, steadfastly dedicated to providing exceptional leadership and service to its clientele.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Brannon finds immense joy and fulfillment as a proud family man, cherishing his loving wife and two wonderful kids. With a balanced perspective on life, he brings both dedication and compassion to everything he does, creating an inspiring role model for those around him

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